Members of the High Achievers Programme at Barrow Hall College have achieved at least 7 Grades 7-9 at GCSE. The programme offers a comprehensive package of support for those thinking of applying to Oxbridge or other top universities and those applying for competitive courses such as Medicine, Veterinary Medicine or Dentistry. 

Students will have the opportunity to take part in extension classes, master classes and workshops at the Northwest HE+ hub college and at Oxford and Cambridge as well as undertaking a themed research project in their subject of choice. They will also enjoy a residential visit to the University of Cambridge (Sidney Sussex College) where they gain real insight into what studying and living there would be like. 

There are 3 modules to the programme. 

Module 1: Preparing for University 
Students will attend information, advice and guidance sessions which aim to help students prepare for university decisions and applications, as well as university life and learning methods. 

Module 2: Learning beyond the curriculum 
Students will attend a variety of lectures delivered by PhD students from the University of Cambridge. There will also be opportunities to take part in mock seminar sessions, led by a current student from the university of Cambridge 

Module 3: HE+ project 
Students will have an opportunity to participate in the HE+ project and develop an academic research poster for entry into the National HE+ project competition. As part of this, students will receive written feedback from a student at the University of Cambridge. The overall goal of the project is to encourage and prepare more academically-able students to make competitive applications to top universities, including the University of Cambridge.

Competitive Course UCAS Support 
Our students are encouraged to go on a journey of discovery to aid their applications to the top universities. They use subject discovery lists to guide their wider reading and research; apply for summer schools both in the UK and abroad; engage in volunteering alongside their Executive Shadowing and they take every opportunity that comes their way to enhance their applications. Our dedicated tutor team provides excellent advice and guidance throughout the application process including one-to-one personal statement support and expertly written references which can make all the difference to gaining a place on a competitive course. 

Drawing from a range of industry, professional and alumni contacts we put our students through their paces in mock interviews. Past students have benefited from the advice and guidance from University Professors, practicing barristers who graduated from Oxford and past students currently studying at some of the top universities in the UK.